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In addition to men’s wear, but the same brand line fashion, perfume industry also become famous, famous already a long time. But the Swiss watch series which are the nation in highly potential noble priority. It inherits the we design always clear and elegant design, using highly accurate Swiss tabulation technology refined but become, implicative, elegant, pity expensive, carry out the us make public the traditional quality. In addition, still with the mercury lamp next charismatic star frequency “indissoluble bound, the international dress brand is permeated with Hollywood unique proud mien, symbolizing the fame, wealth and personal style. Richly showily, beautiful colorful bright are dress the characteristic of the brand. Our designers like to use the most pure color, and among them bright-colored red can say is his standard colors. Fine valentine work very fastidious, from the whole to the every little detail is as good as it gets. It is the kind of luxury lifestyle symbol, extremely by the pursuit of perfect celebrities has loyal love. We are the fashion culture persons, who are more to the first fashion magazine’s identity, determined the fashion in the world in the history of an important position. We experience the fashion of the enormous changes taking place, and at the same time, also from all over the world the latest fashion information transmitted to people.

Those days, I always think of one of my best friend, Amy. My neighbor Amy is one year older than me, just like my sister. When we were young, we often played games, doing home work together and some times we found we were lying by side for we fell asleep when we were playing games or watching TV together and her mother or my mother put us on the bed. In spring, we rode bike on the small road, the pear flowers distributed bursts of fragrance; in summer we climbed up the tall tree to catch cicadas; in autumn, we walked on the road covered with fallen leaves and in winter, we made snowman together. She allowed me to wear her beautiful Korean fashion clothes for one day or two if I greed her to pay my toys. I can still remember clearly that one day, my finger was cut by something when we were in suburb, blood coming out and I was so frightened that cried aloud. Without hesitation, she tore her clothes and bound my finger. Careless days always passed very quickly. She made a move with her mother, I never hear from her soon. But I will never forget her.

As the women world changed, the female consumer market will be changed correspondingly. First of all, goods and services which can give people a good feeling are emerged. Difference with men, when women buy goods they pay more attention to the “aesthetic” and easily buy the products by emotion. For example, abaya fashion is much popular among women. Second, the packaging trend of the performance times is coming. Women’s purchase desire is mostly influenced by the intuitive feeling. Therefore they pay more attention to appearance, especially on the packaging. Old-fashioned packaging is no longer attracting them; they favor the packaging expressing personality and fun. Third, professional women’s commercial commodities are a tendency. Women commercial bag is a representative. Women same as men must carry work and information files, but the previous female bags are almost cosmetics, small things placed pretty purse. Bag manufacturers have now produced women business bag. The women business bag can store not only a lot of files, but also cosmetics and small things for there are many small bags. It is not difficult to see manufacturers have focused on the function and fashion. This shows that the study of the female consumer psychology has important implications for the development of the market.

Fashion is a trend; it exhibits the pursuit of life and elegance and it is leading the trend of the times. Fashion is a virtue; it is reflected in civilized behavior subconscious respected noble. Fashion brings people to enjoy the spirit, given to the social image of the era. Fashion keeps up its feet with the trend of the times and a showing form of the society development. Fashion carries social development changes, fashion is a cultural symbol, represents the changes in the value and aesthetic trends of social development. For example, 1950 fashion in America showed the society development and the current culture in America. The good old days of the 1950s was the performance of the classic American values, such as the pursuit of dreams, a good husband, and a harmony and warm family. A blonde, pretty heroine with pleasant smile was the standard wife and mother image and also is the 1950′s classic beauty image. And for dresses, women discarded the traditional dresses and preferred to new dress which can show female’s figure and gentleness. Today, people are more eager to pursue fashion than any passed period. Various international fashion shows are the media that changing the latest fashion sense.

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Men aging from 26 to 30 should follow the three principles when it comes to dressing.That is:time,place,and purpose.If you can dresses up according to this three principles you can show men’s urban fashion at any time. Men’s dressing charm reflect in two points:one is the color and the other is the style.
The entirety of dressing from top to bottom should not exceed 3 kinds of color, in order to be looked at more smoothly and elegantly from the whole line,otherwise it will appear clutter and no sense of entirty.
A man does not have to wear very fashionable or very popular, as long as concise and easy and the color of clothes must be composed,.The most important aspect is the collocation of  trousers and coat,it must be reasonable.Such as:casual dress must match the leisure headgears.And a man with urban fashionable sense must pay attention to the unity of the whole.
Man’s height and shape does not affect the the taste and style of clothes, as long as the color of blouse and trousers is proper, without the fat clothes and excessively light color, clothes always can help them to hide the can hide Insufficiency and reflect their own style.

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