Cheap Fashion Clothes

So you can see, it isn’t necessary to squander so much of your hard-earned money to keep up with current fashion trends. Here are some alternatives you can consider when looking for fashionable clothes:1. Cheaper Designer Clothes Line
Nowadays many designer labels are not exclusively made for the affluent; prominent brand names like Viviene Westwood and Ted Baker are also beginning to offer cheaper designer clothes to cater to the average consumer’s desire to snap up their clothes. It’s a win-win situation they’ve created: you as the consumer get to enjoy cheaper clothes designed by famous designers and at a lower price to boot; while the designers have found a way to widen their influence into a new, bigger market segment without sacrificing their existing ones.

While the designers will probably not risk creating anything too similar to their more expensive clothing lines (lest their sales suffer as more people forgo them), they will also keep their more affordable lines more or less up to date with current fashion trends to maximize their appeal, so you won’t be losing out on much by going down this road. In fact, you should be fine matching, say, a Viviene Westwood top with a pair of jeans from Forever 21 – a classic casual style. There are countless other combinations, of course; creativity knows no bounds.Pros:
They’re Still Designer Labels: Even though they’re more affordable, they’re still under a designer’s label – and you can claim that without splurging extra.
Available from Designers’ Websites: While online shopping is a risky venture at best, buying from the designers’ websites themselves provides a modicum of security because you can still complain to them and stand a higher chance of a refund.Cons:
Not 100% Like Their More Expensive Cousins: Unfortunately, that ensemble that you saw that model wear is probably from the designer’s expensive clothes line and not the more affordable one, though that shouldn’t stop you from being innovative.2. Factory Outlet Malls
Yes, you should stay away from malls in general – higher-class shopping malls, that is, but outlet malls are a little different. They aren’t really malls where you can chill out with friends unless you’re there to shop for clothes: outlet malls are a collection of several different outlet stores in which manufacturers sell their wares directly to the public without going through any middlemen. They are normally situated in the outskirts of town where land is cheaper. Both these factors help to lower the cost and thus the price of the clothes offered. Sometimes the clothes offered in such malls are rejects – a tiny wrong stitch here, a slightly off hue – but that does not mean they’re unusable, especially if the flaws aren’t very noticeable in the first place (you will need a keen eye to make sure of that when purchasing, though). This, too, will push down the price of the apparel, so you can end up with a branded top, skirt or pants at a fraction of the price of their perfect counterparts displayed in shops like Gap or Armani Exchange.Pros:
Same Thing, Lower Price: Get branded clothes at bargain prices, and if you picked carefully, no one will know that you got it from a factory outlet mall.
Many Choices: You can pop into several shops in the mall to find what you like and make comparisons before buying.Cons:
Not Strategic: Well, it’s strategic for them because the land is cheaper, but you literally have to go the extra mile or ten to frequent such malls.
Bridal Warehouse Locations

3. Warehouse Stores
So you think that warehouse stores are only for food? Think again: while it is true that many warehouse stores carry a glutton of foodstuff, there are warehouse stores that are more generic and sell everything – well, almost everything. That includes clothes. And since warehouse stores purchase in bulk, they get the products cheaper, which means you can get clothes at lower prices, too. If you aren’t too nitpicky about the possible lack of labels, warehouse stores clothes stand to save quite a chunk of your pay; and as aforementioned, you can create a fashionable ensemble with affordable clothing as well.Pros:
Do All Your Shopping At Once: You can shop for clothes – and also for groceries while you’re at it, saving yourself some time and gas.
Sometimes Buying More is Cheaper: Sometimes warehouse stores offer bargains like Buy Two Free One, and it works in your favor if you happen to like what they offer.Cons:
Less Variety: General warehouse stores in particular carry a little of everything, but not much variety.

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